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Microsoft Excel Training in Dubai

Microsoft Excel is important in both your personal and professional life. Learn to monitor financial performance, such as business profit or loss, calculate payments on large purchases, plan a budget, or stay organized with checklists.

Whether you are sales person, accounting, production, or technical now a days data management is very important in every aspect of working life every big and small companies expect their employees whether he is CA, MBA, Engineer, Architect, Advocate or any other professional to come out with impressive reports showing facts and figures, those professionals have good command over excel would do this job with great ease and such excellent command over excel is only possible when someone under goes Microsoft Excel training in Dubai at ITI training Institute. 

Course Outline

  • Working with Custom & Conditional Formats
  • Using Formulas & Functions
  • Working with Range Names
  • Using Advanced Functions (like Nested If, Sum If, Count IF etc)
  • Using Lookup Functions (Hlookup&Vlookup)
  • Creating and Managing Tables
  • Using Auto Filter
  • Getting Most from your Data using Microsoft Excel
  • Working with Charts in Excel
  • Creating Pivot Tables
  • Managing Reports by Pivot Table
  • Creating and Using Shared Workbooks using Excel
  • Working with Worksheet Protection
  • Working with Multiple Workbooks in Excel
  • Working with Macros in Excel

Course Objectives

After completion of the Microsoft Excel course, you will gain specialized expertise in handling difficult data-intensive tasks requiring complex Excel usage. You expertise will be focused on the following domains of Microsoft Excel:

  • Advanced Functions and Formulae
  • Advanced Charts and Graphics
  • Advanced Conditional Formatting
  • PivotTables
  • PivotTable Reporting
  • Goal Seek + Solver
  • Macros

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