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Get access to first-hand learning with our mentored learning programmes. The focus here is on providing certification programs that help students to gain better learning. The learning is also better-paced because mentored learning provides access to live mentors and chat sessions. Students can also engage in learning via discussion boards where you can share thoughts, knowledge and queries.

Along with gaining access to mentors, you can also engage in discussions with subject matter experts along with gaining regular assessment and feedback. ITI provides real-time interaction with teachers and peer so that you get support that goes beyond classroom learning. You are not limited by the training material or instructor. Instead, you have the flexibility to accommodate the course according to your time and schedule.

As part of this programme you have access to:

  • Unlimited access to the programme
  • Access to a personal chat with experts
  • Access to an intuitive and intelligent dashboard
  • Availability of live demos and viewing step-by-step illustrations
  • Engaging in group chats
  • Tracking your progress for better training and performance

Together, all of these make your learning easier, interactive and therefore more productive.

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