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HR Training Courses in Riyadh

CHRP - CHRM Certification in Riyadh

Human Resource Management is no longer about payroll and recruitment.
As a profession, it now incorporates employment law, organizational behavior and performance management, among other specializations.

Get a renowned HR certification and shape your Career path

CHRP/CHRM is advanced course is focused on managerial aspects of HR such as Strategically aligned HR, Developing HR Policies and Procedures, Job Analysis and Job Descriptions, Manpower Planning, Budgeting in HR, ROI on Training, Effective Performance Appraisals, HR Audit and Establishing Effective Pay Plans.

CHRP/CHRM tag will help you take on greater challenges in Human Resource Management function. In today’s world most of the people working in HR or Administration requires superior knowledge and qualification which can help them implement the policies and procedures aligned to the organizational objectives.

Program Modules

Strategy & HR

  • Evolution of HR function
  • New objectives for HR
  • Types of Strategies
  • HR Strategy
  • High performance Work Systems

 Job Analysis

  • Definition and importance of JA
  • Source of Job information
  • Tools for Job analysis
  • Job description & specification
  • Modern concepts e.g. de-jobbing, competency analysis etc.

 Talent Acquisition

  • Manpower planning
  • Internal vs external staffing
  • Sourcing
  • Interview skills
  • Contemporary hiring tools

 Learning & development

  • On the job & off the job training
  • Learning and development approaches and techniques
  • Learning and development program design and implementation (e.g., ADDIE model).
  • Learning evaluation (e.g., Kirkpatrick 4-level model).
  • Needs analysis types and techniques

 Performance Management

  • Appraisal vs Performance Management
  • Traditional Methods of appraisal
  • Management by objective and 360 degree review
  • System and rater’s limitations
  • Balance score card

 Total Rewards

  • EVP and Total Rewards
  • Types of rewards
  • Reward & Benefit strategy
  • Job Evaluation
  • Factors affecting rewards

UAE Labor laws

 HR Policies & Procedures

    1.       Vision to Procedure
    2.       Creating Policy Manual
    3.       Various Policy categories
    4.       How to write policies?
    5.       Policy Implementation

Organisation Behavior

    1.       Organization behaviour and its importance
    2.       Elements of Organization behavior
    3.       Organizational Design and principles
    4.       Various organizational structures
    5.       Change Management

Employee Engagement & Retention

    1.       Understanding Employee engagement
    2.       Assessment of EE
    3.       Employee Engagement in employee lifecycle
    4.       Employment Retention
    5.       Evaluating the engagement levels

      HR Automation and HR Analytics

  1.       HR & Technology
  2.       HRIS/HRMS
  3.       Implementation of HRIS
  4.       HR Matrices
  5.       Decision making using Data

HR Budgeting and HR Audit

    1.       Defining HR Budget
    2.       Elements of HR Budget
    3.       Types of HR audits
    4.       Scope of HR audit
    5.       Methods of auditing

Global HR Practices

    1.       Understanding Global Strategies
    2.       HR in global context
    3.       Cultural Dimensions
    4.       Diversity and Inclusion
    5.       Managing global assignments

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