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Classroom learning is an effective method of learning with peers. Therefore, at ITI we have created live classrooms where you can undertake practical learning with the help of our trained teachers and interactive learning tools. The knowledge you gain from these programmes can be applied to real life situations. Classroom learning entails face-to-face learning. You can raise questions, clarify doubts and discuss through examples.

Our learning centers are equipped with applications and courses that can help you discuss and learn. You can choose from a training course of your choice. There are lectures held so you can interact with the tutor and grasp the utmost from the course.

Classroom learning enhances learning as well as social skills. It is a good way to engage in networking and learning from one’s peer. When you have a qualified trainer leading the class, you have access to someone with a great deal of exposure, knowledge and leadership skills. This also helps the student to learn.

We can also design classroom courses tailored to suit the requirement of your company.

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