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Are you a purchasing & supply management professional who:

  • Is tired of being paid less than you're worth?
  • Is annoyed that you don't get the respect and recognition you deserve?
  • Is frustrated because there are so few good purchasing job opportunities, yet so much competition for them?
  • Is afraid that your skills aren't valued as much as those of the fresh-out-of-college MBA's who everyone is hiring?

Certified Purchase Professional (CPP)

The CPP is meant for all purchasing professionals who need the right credentials and skills to set themselves firmly on the road of success. This is a foundation course that helps a professional to understand the basic tenets of international sourcing, procurement and risk management. This course is ideal for procurement and supply chain professionals who are already working in the procurement department of any organization and need a certification for a promotion or to validate their knowledge and professionalism.

Certified Professional Purchase Manager (CPPM)

The CPM is an advanced course where the skills of purchase managers are honed and they develop an insight into the challenges of the industry that they are engaged in. Complex problem solving, case studies and much more await purchase managers at this level of certification

Benefits of CPP & CPPM

The CPP and CPM is the most relevant, contemporary and world class certification that students can avail of worldwide This is the first time that the American Purchasing Society has joined hand with a internationally reputed training and educational consultancy like ITI to introduce a 10-week comprehensive training programme followed by a prestigious certification. There are two levels of certification, one that paves the foundation for a flourishing career in purchase and the second that helps you to attain advanced knowledge and expertise. The course content is practical and helps students to deliver measurable results and savings for the brand/enterprise they work for. The certification program is imperative for purchasing professionals who would like a rewarding career and want to pursue the highest recognition in the field of supply chain management. From reverse auctions and eProcurement to strategic sourcing to improving supplier performance and more, you’ll learn exactly how to deliver results for your employer. And when you make your employer more successful, YOUR OWN CAREER SUCCESS is likely to follow!

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Kiron Bhatia
When decided to get certification in professional purchasing I view the profiles of different institutes and analyze the differences, finally i select the Blue Ocean for prestigious and internationally reputed professional training institution. The trainers at ITI are highly qualified and lead trainers who trains the student from various organizations and industries.
Nisha Nair
ITI INSTITUTE is a 100% perfect package for me in terms of sharing of knowledge & information, meet & greet the industry giants as your friends, expert advice through experienced trainers with supply of study materials (which is going to be a dictionary in whole journey), the coordinators, hospitality and the overall corporate ambience is highly appealing and excellent.
Chandra Magar
I had a great time during my training at ITI. I completed CPP & CPPM courses which has given me the confidence in my current role as well as to move ahead in my career. I appreciate ITI & Team. I have found trainers in ITI are professional & well experienced, coordinators are friendly & cooperative.